For and with our customers, we analyze their specific technical requirements for the administration, use and distribution of information, data and media. We design and implement the necessary technical processes and the appropriate IT systems. For this purpose, we plan, develop and support needs-based and individually optimized solutions, IT architectures and technical infrastructures.

Our goal: The digital sovereignty of our customers and partners

Key examples of systems that we have planned, implemented and/or operate for qur customes are

  • Company repositories for structured and classified information (e.g. enterprise content management systems, document management systems, image databases, digital filing systems),
  • Long-term filing, company archives, big data pools
  • User-friendly applications for access to many data objects (e.g. media libraries, press databases or configurators),
  • Systems for real-time and mass data evaluation (e.g. for big data analysis or centralized search applications based on elasticsearch),
  • Transaction and analysis systems for very large amounts of information and continuous data flows (such as production data, log files, transaction data e.g. at banks or partially unstructured contract data or design data).

Our Competencies